It takes about 3-5 sessions and/or classes for you to feel like you are on your way, so don’t give up after your first time in because it WILL get easier and you WILL get stronger.

+ Please do not use your mobile phone during classes
+ If you have any injuries or limitations please inform the instructor before the class starts and the will provide alternative options for you
+ Take regular drink breaks if needed. It is important to replace any water you may have lost
+ The following day it is normal to feel very sore. This is called DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This is simply the process of tearing the muscle to then be rebuilt stronger.
+ Be sure to stretch and keep those muscles moving. A sauna or warm bath with Epsom salts can assist with recovery. If the soreness lasts more than one week please contact your GP.


With over 100 classes per week led by a team of passionate and motivating Instructors - our Group Fitness Program here at Elevation truly does provide something for everyone! Book in for your complimentary consultation to see which options best suit you and your goals!

“The fitness hub of Port Kennedy with something for everybody in the family! Elevate your life by beinga part of our fitness community.”